Love. Who needs it?


…says a famous song.

But what kind of LOVE is the love that we NEED? It isn’t only romantic love.

Its the love between friends, between a parent and a child, the love expressed as mutual respect and admiration between colleagues, the love of Jesus to us, the love that is simply listening to someone share their thoughts and feelings.

The love we need is all these things and more.

A few weeks back Josh, myself and others in our production team spent a day listening to the stories of many many individuals who were impacted by I Kissed Dating Goodbye. These people from across the globe were brave enough to share their experiences with us for potential inclusion in the film. It was a humbling experience for us to listen to a wide variety of stories and consider how we can love the church (and individuals) better with this film, because that is our goal. 

So yes, all you need is love.

Days like today are what you make of them so make sure you express love to someone in your life today.

– Jessica

More memories

Judge Judy is yelling at a man for not knowing what the word “subsequent” meant. She should have been along for the ride with me when I was in CPS investigation training. A coworker of mine explained that if we didn’t meet certain deadlines with most cases, we would be “pending”. I asked her, “Pending what?” She said, “You’re just pending.” I asked again for clarification. “But are you pending being written up? Are you pending termination?” She repeated, “you’re just listed as pending.” I realized she didn’t know what “pending” meant and had no choice but to leave it alone.